Conversations at Home

We have “conversation starter” cards on our dinner table and every night we draw a card or two and go around the table and answer the question presented.  Topics range from “if you could change one thing about your school, what would it be?” and “how do you think your life is different from your grandparents?” Continue reading

Ready to Launch

Somewhere in the middle of last year, I decided that I would write a book.  I had the content captured in my blog and my private writing, but knew that it needed to be organized and re-written and edited.  Still, it was something I wanted to pursue. Continue reading

My Story, Shared


I wondered what I would feel like writing on Christmas Day.  Would I feel like recounting the day of delight that my big kids feel when they wake up and find their presents from Santa?  Would I reflect on the past two years of anxiety, waking up on Christmas morning, once pregnant with a baby that I would lose, and once pregnant with a baby that I am now holding? Continue reading

A Heartwarming Letter


Unexpectedly, I received an email from my previous nanny.  She was only with us for about a month.  I knew it was temporary going in, but she was a good fit and allowed me to keep looking for a more permanent nanny.  She was actively looking for a job in her field, and I did not expect her to find one so quickly, but it all worked out.  Her last week was right before Thanksgiving, so I was a bit surprised to receive an email from her now. Continue reading

Always That Conversation

My pediatrician did not know that I lost two babies.  It was a timing issue mostly.  Quentin has a March birthday, and I wasn’t pregnant yet when we went in for his Well Child visit.  By September when it was time to take Theo in for his Well Child visit for his birthday, I had lost Nelle – just two weeks prior.  I remember going into that appointment thinking “Do I say something?  What would I say?  It probably won’t come up.”  And it didn’t.
Continue reading