Category: Poetic Voice

Hope in Becoming

One day more. Another day another destiny.  -from ‘Les Miserables’ I don’t have much to say, on the eve of my c-section.  I heard Quentin yell from his room this morning “ONE MORE DAY!”  One more day of kick counts. One more day of…


waiting for a change a step sideways growth in unwelcome circumstance nausea swelling dizzy aching tired frightened all comes back to chance circle, hope, fire hidden truth look no more

Passing Through Me

When Death came He was quiet and unassuming A silent slip from one moment into the subsequent. No vigil, no disaster, no fanfare But a small flicker. It was a mysterious and unknown intrusion When Death passed through me Not next to me Not…

Writing No Energy

No energy 2:00 am again cannot calm cannot sleep feeling nauseous worried about stress a bath sounds like too much work I love baths but cannot take one Best chance for sleep 9pm to midnight then up every hour or two up and down…

Roaring Back to Life

Writing down memory is a deeper process.
Pierced by silences, suffering went unspoken, understood.