Tag: Baby Three

Missing the Echo

When Autumn was born, suddenly there were echoes of her sisters surrounding me. Close parallels, repetitions, deja vus of the last two times I gave birth, with an intensely different outcome.  Or is Autumn the echo of those experiences? My body bleeds, shedding the…


And just like that, she was born. Autumn Nadine Taws. It was the moment I hardly dared to picture.  Someone I love wrote to me earlier this week: “When your new one is safely in your arms, you will know that you have been…

Don’t Ignore Changes

I have to start acknowledging that it is increasingly easy to envision making it to 39 weeks, and increasingly hard to ignore outward signs and plans for pregnancy.

We Can’t Do This Alone

For once, to have good news, instead of bad news, was joyful. These people have been with us every step of the way, reminding us of how many people are in our corner – no matter what the outcome.

In the Box

And there it was. Clear as day and I would recognize the sound anywhere, the quick steady heartbeat. I was instantly choked up.