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Fall Changes Things

Last… where oranges had already begun to peek through the branches.
This… still lush with green, holding onto the richness of summer.

Layers and Layers

I have spent the past year sifting through layers.  Peeling back layers and exposing myself.  Hiding behind layers of guilt and discomfort.  Exploring layers through writing.  Drowning in layers of tears.

What The Desk Thinks

I am unsure of the intent. Will it be a nursery again? Will I, the desk, be moving out? Or is this simply an attempt to brighten a room that was previously a bitter reminder?

Letters of Grieving

There are five stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  There seems to be an underlying implication that the stages are linear, that you move from denial, to anger, to bargaining, to depression and acceptance.  What I have found that you move in and out and around the stages, over and over.  

Physical Change

Going through a traumatic experience alters you, forever. I decided to alter my body, forever.