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Describe Family

I have words to describe my family members. Ger is steady, logical, my constant. Theo is inquisitive, my inventor, and always wants to please. Quentin is spunky, creative and determined. How do I describe the babies I never met? Generically, like precious or sweet?…

Facing Fears

I feared the photos. Hundreds of images captured by the photographer and guests that I would never be able to erase if something happened. A friend who lost her son after being pregnant with him while a wedding told me that it was a way for him to be there: those are the only family photos in which he would ever be included. A different perspective.

Family Tradition

As I gathered my pumpkins together, the collection made me think of our family.  Four vibrant, orange pumpkins representing the four of us.  Two more withered blue pumpkins: my daughter Nelle that I had lost as Fall began to descend upon us, and the other pumpkin representing an unknown future (at the time) of trying again.  

The Ocean

Grief is like the rain.  Soft.  Hard.  Warm.  Cold.  Sometimes torrential and unrelenting.  Sometimes so furious that we cannot see through the downpour.

Last, This, Next

This summer is so different. I was expecting to be pregnant into July. Instead I am picking up the broken pieces from last summer. After learning something was wrong, losing Nelle, and becoming pregnant again, I neglected a lot. Our yard had unmistakable signs…