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Something New

There are several things that I have done in the past year that I never thought I would do. I never thought I would sign a death certificate for my baby. I never thought I would be struck with a second loss, after a…

A Houseplant is Dying

I look at that plant, and I feel defeated.  I know at my core that the reason I added all of these plants originally was because of Nelle’s plant.  I wanted to bring life into my home where there has been so much loss and sadness.  

What The Desk Thinks

I am unsure of the intent. Will it be a nursery again? Will I, the desk, be moving out? Or is this simply an attempt to brighten a room that was previously a bitter reminder?

Advice to Myself

Pursue the authentic-decide first what is authentic, then go after it with all your heart. Your heart, that place you don’t even think of cleaning out. -from ‘Advice to Myself’ by Louise Erdrich My month-long self-imposed spending hiatus has not been going well.  Instead…