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That One Night

The kids have been in Arizona since Tuesday. At the time we planned for my parents to take them for a few days, it seemed like it would be a welcomed reprieve: late in pregnancy, days without early-morning wake-up calls, no swimming lessons or…

What Could Go Right

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right. Easier said than done. Ger finally told me that he feels positive about the outcome of this pregnancy.  27 weeks, pretty good place to be.  I asked…


I knew, early, that people grieve differently. I was still openly crying during the day whereas he kept going through the motions.

Carry On, Warrior

The pain was as fresh as the day after we lost her.  The day that we lost her was cradled in shock and disbelief; pain set in the next day.  I cried until I choked on air and vomited.


Over the past several months, people have said things to me in the realm of “you’re so strong” or “you are handling this so well” or “you have inspired me.” Most of the time I feel undeserving, bandaged together by medication and therapy, hardly like I am handling this “on my own.” Lately, I have felt particularly undeserving.