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Inside the Box

There is a small white box in my closet.  It held Iris’s ashes before we scattered then.  I don’t need the box; it was only a delivery mechanism, a transportation method to her final resting place.  I did not keep Nelle’s box. But I…

Describe After

Anne Lamott often recounts words that a priest said to her once: “Sometimes Heaven is just a new pair of glasses.” A change in perspective. How many words and phrases flow easily from the lips of our culture when it comes to death and…

Unique Process

My healing might include laughter, tears, throwing something, creating something, talking, not talking. In other words, it will be as unique as my fingerprints and DNA. And my grieving process will be as predictable as the weather – a completely frustrating mystery.  -Unknown I…

Passing an Object

I wear a ring, daily, that has an imprint of a heart on the outside and their names inscribed on the inside. I also have a necklace that a friend gave me that has their names and birthdates delicately hanging from tiny pendants. The tattoo on my back has the birthdates of all four of my children.

People Leave Holes

I put everything back in her box.  On top were all of the ultrasound photos from this pregnancy.  I have been putting them in the box with my other girls, apparently already planning for a loss.