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Dread the Conversation

I dread the conversational “How many children do you have?” asked so eagerly, so innocently.  Nor did I realize how often people feel compelled to ask it. Woven into the fabric of small talk, along with the weather and where are you from and…

Battle On

“We must try not to sink beneath our anguish… but battle on.”  -Albus Dumbedore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince In almost every SHARE meeting, it comes up: the innocence of pregnancy has been stolen from us.  There are no “normal” appointments.  There are no…

A Way with Words

I am known for having the “right words.” Can soothe angry customers, diffuse heated conversations, bolster efforts. I often think about how to craft my words to elicit the right response. But for all the diplomacy, I have never been more at a loss…

Going Alone

So many of my appointments are solo visits. I waver back and forth between wanting my husband there, and thinking “I should be able to do this alone. If this were a normal pregnancy, I would be able to go alone.”

Damage Control

As I gulped and turned away, I was angry with myself for reacting that way. Will I ever be able to be excited about this pregnancy? Accept congratulations, rather than crying?