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Writing through my grief has given me strength. Sharing what I have written has made me brave.

On Coming Alive

Nothing presented was fresh or new for me. I have heard the messages of feeling changed, of “before” and “after”, of trying to find joy. The only new aspect of the experience was hearing new stories from other parents.

This is the Room

I left slowly when the two hours had passed.  So much grief and sadness in the room, but we are all members of that tribe.  I spoke to a few people on the way out.  

Been Sitting Much Too Long

It is so easy to pass judgment when you don’t see a face, when you don’t know the story, and you don’t know the anguish. I am putting myself out there as a face of someone who was staring directly at that decision.


Do not let anyone tell you a timetable, how, or what to feel.  Grief comes in waves and I still find myself thrown by triggers, even a year after the first loss.